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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

suck it up, deal with it & off i go to tumblr
'till then .

Saturday, August 14, 2010

eclipse :D

Ahh, went out with my awesome-pawsome buddies with ss and sbs people to watch eclipse ! Apparently, i missed out all the funs ! I was late , pfft D: But i really did enjoy myself ! MISS THEM SO MUCH !

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow
separately without growing apart :) Don't you just agree?
Love this picture like superman lahh :D
Eclipse was , urmm. puiyee described it as 'porny' x)
HAHAS. Let's watch Vampires Suck together !

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Des-picable meh.

Ahh, despicable me is a must-watch show ! IT'S SO CUTE AND ADORABLEE ! The yellow minions :DD Agnes: " It's so fluffey im gonna die ! IT'S SO FLUFFEEEEEY! "
i hav this irresistable urge to post these pictures :)

" Does this count as annoying? " *pop pop popopop*

Yellow minions! they are so funny and cuteee :D

whaaa :)

LOL, this pic never fail to make me laugh .

Hugs and kisses .

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Being a teenager is vastly overrated. We all make mistakes, we are stubborn and we couldn’t give two shits what our parents think, we hate school, we cause shit, we fight, we love, we cry, we give up on believing in a higher power. We’re all fucked up and thats the truth, we all come from dysfunctional families, because no family is perfect; we say things that we don’t mean, we yell, we scream, we get broken hearts, we get drunk, we have sex. Grades don’t mean a thing anymore, we live on quotes and music that describe our lives and most importantly we are tired. We are tired of waking up each morning and having to go to school where we see the people we hate or the people we love, we get tired of waiting for the text message that’s not going to come and we get tired of pretending we’re fine.

Hugs and kisses.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

flower drum song :)

Aloha amigos :D Concert just passed ! It feel's like ages ago . Back to 40period of lessons. URGHH. Almost felt asleep in class BOO! It was so cold and boring ! Hav to drag myself up every morning which is a very very hard thing to do . Doesn't even hav the urge to look forward to school ! Talked to sharlyne today about summer vacation in other countries ! Ahh, surfing , sunbathing , rock climbing :) At least those Americans hav something to look forward to ! We hav nothing , except for year-end holidays which is very boring too . Yikes , life ? Define life please .
Back to square one, concert updates :D Pictures pictures and pictures . They are not arranged orderly , stick with me people ! Day 1 and 2 pictures . This year theme :

Arjuna ! Darren ! Christopher !

Kimmie Tan !

sorry , blur blur pictures :(
Joo, Suet, Jason (my partner) !

urrghhh, i hate blur pictures. Cacat punya camera .

Look ! Lionel's shirt : Circle of trust .

JiaHan , WanJia !

Retards :D

Joo, YuanWen !

Jason ! My dance partner !

Joo, YuenMeng!

YiHua, Andrea , WeiJing !

Girls :D

Lalalal :D

Wow, Fasinating :p

Haoyi, Jackson, YeunHui !

Pose 1

Pose 2 !

Pose 3 !!

Pose 4? :D

People people and people :)

Yuanwen, Joo !

Liying !

Haoyi ! i hav no idea why i ALWYS ended up laughing whenever im around him. I held on to one of his fingers tht day because i had this irresistible urge to do so . Sorry haoyi :P

JiaHan , Nicole , Wanjia !

Urm, i can explain :D

I looked constipated :( Nisha !

Jessica Greenaallll :D

They looked so blur :D
It was fun fun and fun after our performance on day 2 when we had this irresistible urge to play our childhood games at the basketball and netball court after we had our supper :DD We, consist of JooAnn,YuanWen,Liying,Renee and Jessica played frog leaping, pepsi cola , fire and ice and stargazing . Ahh, was sweating profusely . My eyeliner was smudged . Looked like a deadly ghost !
I went up to the hall to see the concert on day 1 :) Really coooll ! Thnk you ' Im going to like it here ' dancers ! It was an unforgettable experience . WHEEE ! Evolution Night this friday ! Is anyone off duty? I NEED SOMEONE TO HANG OUT WITH !! LaDiDa .
Hugs and kisses .